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Computers are made up of different hardware components and it is important that all these components work fine so that you can access the files stored in it. Now, you can never be sure about the smooth working of your computer, especially the hard disk. The computer’s hard disk can crash after a few years of use due to many reasons. If your computer’s hard disk becomes corrupted one day, you will lose all the important files stored in it and this could be a big loss. Therefore, it is advisable that you choose a different storage location for your important documents, which is safer and secure than your hard disk.

One of the options available is an external hard disk. However, since an external hard disk is a portable device, chances are high that they may be damaged quickly. Therefore, there is no guarantee for safety of your files in this form of storage. So, which is the best location to store your files? The solution is the online storage space. In this technique, you can sign up for the cloud storage services and the service provider will allot you free storage space. You can use this storage space to upload the important files like pictures, music files, documents related to your profession etc. Now, let us find out some of the features of the best cloud storage services in the market.

Google Drive

Advantages Of Cloud Storage Services

The best cloud storage services will provide you with easy storage and backup facilities. It would just require you a few clicks to upload your files to the online space. You should also be able to access, download or view these files easily.

So, which service provider is the best? This is a difficult question to answer as we have many major players in the market. Some of the big names in the market that offer cloud storage services are Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple etc. The major feature of all these service providers is that they offer you free storage space with a certain storage limit. If you have accounts with any of these service providers, you can simply login to their respective cloud storage accounts and start using the free space. For instance, if you have a Gmail username and password, you can use this e-mail id to access Google Drive, which is the online storage space from Google.

If you do not have an online account with any of these service providers, sign up for one today and enjoy the benefits of online storage spaces.

Apple At The Top Among Cloud Storage Services

Apple Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage Features

Cloud storage, as the name suggests, means storage of data online, or “in the cloud”. This means that the data owned by a person or the firm is stored in multiple distributed resources, which can easily be accessed later on. One of the main benefits of using cloud storage services is that you do not have to worry as much about maxing out the storage space in your smartphone or personal computer as you used to. Instead you can store all your personal information on cloud storage devices, and even share it with others if you want to.

Most of the top firms such as Apple, Microsoft and Google have their own cloud storage services, which comprises of several user-friendly and advanced features. Among these, the Apple cloud storage service is often rated as the best. According to reports, Apple had earlier tried to acquire Dropbox, a popular cloud- storage and syncing service. But latest reports from Strategy Analytics suggest Apple’s service has moved ahead of Dropbox in terms of market shares. The prime reason accounting for such a change is the fact that almost half of the users employ the Apple cloud storage service, making it more popular as a result.

Music Hub Service

Cloud Storage Benefits

Once iTunes Match was included into the scenario, it started changing Apple’s fortunes. Now, the company tops the rankings with a 27% market share. Dropbox, a primary storage system for many users, stands at number two with17%. Almost a year ago, Google also introduced its own cloud storage service known as Google Drive, which was quite similar to Dropbox. As per the reports, Google Drive was being used by 10% of the respondents. Although Samsung tried to incorporate their Music Hub service with Google Drive, it did not gain as much of a hold as iTunes, and garnered only a 3% of total cloud users. This is because this service is primarily limited to the Samsung devices, but the company is said to have plans to expand it to other platforms soon. But the most interesting fact is that almost 55% of the Americans still do not prefer using cloud storage services.

Hence, as of now it is clear that Apple tops the list among the popular cloud storage services. But, once the services expand more, it is sure that other companies would come up with more sophisticated options.

Online Storage Space From Amazon

Amazon Cloud Storage

Features Of Cloud Storage

Most of us give priority to the protection of data and files stored in our computers. But no matter how much protection we give to these files, a hard disk crash can result in the loss of all these files. That’s why it is always good strategy to save your important files online. This will not only protect them from hardware failures but also give you as a backup. This form of online storage services is known as cloud storage. You can find numerous cloud service providers in the market and Amazon Cloud Storage is one of them. In this post, we will take you through the different features of this storage service.

Free storage space

Just like most of the other service providers Amazon offers you 5GB of free space. This is ideal for anyone who does not intend to store a large number of files. Keep in mind that you could store thousands of photos with this much free space. If you are new to cloud services, then sign up for free storage space initially, and this will help you to find out the features of the service.

Protection of contents

Amazon provides the best-encrypted systems for the protection of files stored online. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the safety of your files. Once you store the contents in Amazon’s cloud storage service, you can remove them from the computer. You can download it or view the contents from any location, using your username and password.

Annual plans

Online Storage

Cloud Storage Services

Amazon provides different plans for its users. If you go for the $20 plan, you can store unlimited number of music files in the service. The two formats allowed to store the music files are MP3 and AAC. With an annual fee of $20, you can use up to 20GB of storage space for your files.

If you are looking for a safe and secure location to store your important files, then sign up for Amazon Cloud storage services today. All you need to do is sign up for a valid email account. Click on No, I am a new user on the home page of Amazon’s Cloud storage web page, and type your email address in the corresponding field. Once you create an account, you can start enjoying the 5GB of free space offered by the service. Contact the Amazon help center for any assistance creating the account.

Emergence Of Free Cloud Computing Software

cloud storage free

About cloud storage free

Cloud storage services were introduced a few years ago, and we all have been employing it for storing data since the concept was made public. This method has been now widely accepted by corporate firms and companies. Many of these services are offered by online cloud storage services, which are now focusing on offering cloud storage free through cloud-computing software programs.

Cloud computing software program is designed to perform a variety of operations, covering online cloud storage, digital record management applications, and anti malware protection services. Let us check out some of the various cloud storage free services and cloud computing programs that are available in the market at present.

Cloud Data storage

You can find many cloud data storage providers that offer free storage spaces for their clients. These storages have a limit space; a majority of cloud storage providers allows 2 GB free space. If users want to use more space, then they can pay for the additional storage spaces offered by the providers. However, the limit for cloud storage free space depends upon the terms of the service provider. There are different plans for high volume of data and they have special charges for the same.

Image and Video File Enhancing and Management

Most users save their photos and video files on storage servers, as they find the same reliable and the best way to secure them. You can find different programs offered by the service provider for such functions that include photo enhancing, scrapbook organization and management, and online community integration. Some may also offer tools for sharing movies and photographs, creating videos, and modifying the files.

Safety offered for antivirus software

digital record management

Free cloud storage service

Since data is stored on the online servers, you should be certain that the service provider employs the best antivirus protection for keeping the files secured. There are web server based security software programs that could offer protection for the whole server. Cloud Antivirus software, produced by Panda Security is such a program, which helps to repair and resolve issues related to adware and spyware.

GPS software

The latest cloud storage services also offer GPS navigation, Navigation Satellite application, and other facilities. This helps users to know the directions from any part of the world by accessing maps.

These are the different software programs that are used for cloud computing. Make sure that you employ the right one to meet with all your needs.

JustCloud: The Completely Automated Cloud Storage

Online Cloud Storage

JustCloud Online Cloud Storage Services

Online cloud storage is an online means of storing huge quantities of data and none is better than JustCloud cloud storage. It has become more popular over the years especially among businesses choosing to keep a backup of all their data in the cloud.

Online cloud storage is an extremely handy tool that can save your data in case you ever suffer from a computer crash or a virus that has infiltrated and destroyed the data in your computer. As computers are being designed to hold ever increasing amounts of data many people could lose all their valuable information if something were to happen to their PCs. In such scenarios having a backup that has loads of storage capacity and never fails is vital to safeguard your data. Cloud can be named as the future in computing. A cloud is a virtual storage pool where you can dump all your data and only you can access it. The data is safely stored and it is completely secure, plus you get to access it anytime of the day from anywhere in the world.

So how does JustCloud work?

Once you sign up to the account, JustCloud users need to download an application to their computers. From here users get to choose which folders and files they would like to load into the online storage space. This is great if you have to work with lots of information and need someplace to store it. One of the added advantages of using JustCloud is that you could add certain folders into JustCloud and then have access to them even if you are not working at your computer. This lets you complete your work anytime and the changes will be saved and used later.


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Other advantages include accessibility through any platform whether tablets, smartphones laptops or PCs. You can also share theses files with your colleagues, friends and family. To do so you could either give them a unique link or invite them by email, Facebook or Twitter.

JustCloud is highly automated and everything is done by the program giving users loads of free time. Some may not like this feature as much especially if they prefer doing things manually. However if you like to get things done quicker without having to do stuff manually then JustCloud is the right product for you. Either way it’s an awesome online cloud storage service and is affordable as well as highly sophisticated. Keeping your data safe has never been so easy.

Opting For The Best Cloud Storage Providers

Cloud Storage Providers

Benefits Of Cloud Storage Services

If you are looking for the most safe, economic and popular method to store, share and manage data online, you should resort to cloud storage services. The best aspect of using the services of the cloud storage providers is that here, you would be able to access data from anywhere and anytime. Another advantage is that you can save space on your personal computer on the server network by storing all the necessary information in these cloud storage services.

Key features of the best cloud storage providers

  • There are different options available when it comes to the way cloud storage services provide data protection and backup options. The difference is that here when you save your information, you wouldn’t have to worry about losing memory space. You can also use the space in your servers for upgraded and programs and then operate them smoothly. As compared to the server networks, information in the cloud is stored more securely.
  • All you require is to simply download the cloud storage provider’s software and start using the folders to upload files that can be viewed, stored and saved for back up. You can store all types of information in these storage services that include photos, movies, videos or data files for review, or even applications that you want to share with other users.
  • The best cloud storage service providers would offer unlimited data storage, easy connection to any operating system, fix the common issues faced by customers. and also be reasonably priced. So, the cloud storage providers can be used to replace the usage of DVDs, CDs and other storage devices as these can get easily damaged. By using such services you can easily share the data with your family and friends.

    Unlimited Data Storage

    Cloud Storage Options

  • The best cloud storage services would be compatible with all the operating systems. Hence, the sharing of the information can be transferred across different platforms. For example, one of your friends might by using the Linux OS, and you would be running a windows computer. The advanced features in the cloud storage services would enable you to connect to the cloud service, irrespective of the OS you run. This also applies for Android, the Mac OS, and any other operating system.

These are some of the features of the best cloud storage services. If you would like to know more about the top cloud storage options, feel free to check our official website.

Know More About The Cloud Storage Services

Cloud Storage Reviews

Cloud Storage Service

With the advancement of technology, more and more people have increasing numbers of electronic devices and gadgets to store information and many of these devices are interconnected. A few years before, most people had a computer and that was it. Internet connection was dial up before a few years. If users needed to share their data, they print the information, share it by burning to a CD or transfer the data with physical media. Almost everyone had a desktop, a few users had laptops, and some of the people who worked in office may have had a PDA.

However, the situation has changed these days. There are many more devices that can store data and most of these devices are interconnected via a home network or they will be able to share data through wireless and cellular networks. People these days have computers, netbooks, e-readers, laptops, smartphones, video game consoles, smart TVs etc and almost all of these devices are used in some or the other way.

People who use multiple electronic devices may need to access their information from different locations and this presents a challenge. A user does not need four copies of the same file in four different devices. This strategy is very ineffective and if the file needs to be modified, it has to be altered on each of the device and the user will have to do it manually. The answer to this problem is the relatively new technology of cloud storage. As per the cloud storage reviews, this is the best answer to the above situation. Cloud storage is the storage of data in the Internet.

Video Game Consoles

Best Cloud Storage Service

This method of storage has multiple advantages over the conventional storage methods. First, a user will be able to access his data from anywhere if he has access to a working Internet connection. This means that even if the user forgets his memory card, CD or the pen drive, he will be able to pull up the information from the cloud storage. Another important advantage of the cloud storage as per the cloud storage reviews is that this method provides reliable storage. This is one of the safest ways to store valuable data.

Cloud storage is the most viable option for anyone who uses more than a device or needs to backup important information. If you wish to know more on the cloud storage services, you can check out some cloud storage reviews.

Cloud Storage And Encrypted Online Notepads

Online Cloud Storage

Online Notepads

Many online cloud storage services offer free encryption for online data. However, there is a major setback associated with this. Today, most of the companies are able to perform data decryption on their own. At the same time, ProtectedText, which happens to be a free encrypted online notepad, states that they cannot decrypt the text that you are saving on its servers. The aspects mentioned below will tell you more regarding the subject.

ProtectedText online notepads

The cloud storage facilitator ProtectedText requires no registration. In addition to that, this cloud storage service provider assures that they will not track your details. They will not display any advertisements which will perform their self tracking. Though there is a lack of a proper business module, ProtectedText online notepads are all set to go places.

One of the best advantages of using this online cloud storage is that you can make alterations in the text file’s URL as: ‘protectedtext.com/ [anyURLnotalreadytaken]‘. This can be very beneficial for you as you are getting a strong second level of security for your password. Therefore, if at all someone tries to read your confidential text, they will have to know two things. One is your password and the other is the URL.

Another major advantage of PotectedText online notepads is that you will be able to examine the service’s code. You will also be able to get the file opened on multiple systems at the same time without losing data. This feature enables you to collaborate in a secured manner. You will be able to add and delete the text. However, formatting of text will not be permitted.

Data Decryption

Cloud Storage Service

You can also see that there is only a single option on the home page of ProtectedText, and that is to enter the URL extension as per your preference. If the name is available, you will be prompted to click on the ‘Create Site’ tab. On the other hand, you will be asked to enter the secured password if the name is already taken.

Once you click on ‘Create site’, you will see a window, inside which you can enter your text. Now, save the text using a new password. This can be done by pressing the button you see on the top of the screen.

The online cloud storage service provider gives you the freedom to access the encrypted file from any browser. You will be able to easily and quickly share the encrypted file, without the need for online registrations. This is indeed one of the most special features of the unique cloud storage service facilitator.

The Know How’s Of Cloud Storage

What is cloud storage

Cloud storage providers

Cloud storage has started to witness a lot of buzz and excitement during the last couple of years. A question that customers will be asking repeatedly is what is cloud storage? Well many people may not know the current advancements in science and technology and thus may be illiterate regarding cloud storage.

What is cloud storage?

For users to avail the service from different service providers, they have to pay a nominal amount. Cloud storage gives customers a bundle of benefits like non-requirement to have large storage disks, easy security, ample storage space etc. With the passing of days, more and more storage providers have hit the markets and their primary aim is to provide the maximum services and features.

Growth of cloud storage

Cloud storage is witnessing a growing popularity nowadays and even though laptops and computers ship with hard disks, people have started to show an increased demand and usage for cloud storage. One of the many advantages that cloud storage providers give is that customers can upload their data from any part of the world. Business professionals are hugely benefitted as they are bound to travel most of the time and while at meetings, the data that they obtain can be uploaded with ease so that it can be used later on.

Buzz and excitement

Store data in cloud

While travelling, people do not require carrying along external storage devices that may sometimes not happen to work or stop working abruptly. If the external storage devices do not respond, at meetings or functions, the data available in the devices cannot be used. A wide range of service providers are available that offer cloud services. Most subscribers provide the services for free only for a certain storage limit. For example, if a user requires availing 10 GB of data, he/she will have to shell out a certain amount to obtain 10 GB of cloud storage space.

The added benefit of security is highly talked about concerning cloud storage. When using external storage devices, the danger is that, if at all you lose the device and if someone gets it, they can easily access the contents available in the device. However, with cloud storage, the user’s data always remains safe. With security turning out to be the foremost concern of users, cloud storage wins accolades in the security department.

Procedure To Activate ICloud

Apple cloud storage

Apple cloud storage Services

Cloud storage is actually an excellent way to save information to the web. Now, cloud-computing consists of online services that help store this information in a safe and secure location online. The Apple cloud storage service, or iCloud, allows you to synchronize your contacts, emails, calendars and other tools across devices, in addition to creating a remote back up for your data. Using iCloud it is possible for you to share your iTunes media and App Store purchases across all devices using your iCloud account. All you have to do is to activate iCloud on your device and iCloud does the rest.

But, the Apple cloud storage setup process differs depending on which device you are using, although Apple keeps the activation process down to only a couple steps and a sprinkling of menus.

iOS Devices

  • You need to tap the Setting app on your device’s Home screen. If you are powering on your device for the first time, you will be prompted to activate iCloud during the initial setup process.
  • Then open the iCloud menu from the Settings screen.
  • After that, you need to tap the Sign in with an Apple ID icon and enter your Apple ID. This activates your iCloud account and now you will need to set your preferences for iCloud’s synchronizing services. If this is your initial set up, you can tap the Create a Free Apple ID icon and follow the set up process (you will have to enter your personal information, creating an Apple ID name and security safeguards).
  • You need to toggle the switches from within iCloud to On or Off to set preferences for iCloud. You can do this for Contacts, Calendar, Mail, Reminders, Safari and other apps.
  • You need to choose whether or not you want to have your device automatically download and store purchased iTunes media and apps from the App Store, by tapping on the iTunes & App Stores menu and toggling all the respective switches to On or Off.
App Store Purchases

Apple cloud storage ICloud

  • You need to open your System Preferences menu from the dock and select iCloud from the Internet & Wireless menu.
  • After that, enter your Apple ID from the iCloud screen. If this is your first-time setup, you will need to click on Create an Apple ID icon and then follow the setup process (which includes entering your personal information, creating an Apple ID name and creating security safeguards).
  • You can use the checkboxes from within the iCloud menu to turn on and off features, you would like to sync across your iCloud-enabled devices.

This way you can activate iCloud on your device or computer.